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Our services go beyond website design. Over time you will likely want to expand your site's content. You may want to improve it's rank in the search engines. You may want to sell products and services online. We can help you with these and many other aspects of web marketing. Below are just some of the services we provide.

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Review Your Market

One of the best places to see what is worth targeting in your market are the websites of your competitors. There sites can give you an idea of what is working in your market.

Set Goals

First, choose phrases you think you should target. Then track those phrases and see how often they are searched. Then target the phrases that are most cost effective.

Rank Reports

We provide regular rank reports that track the search engine rankings of your website for targeted phrases.

Site Modifications

After you see your site rankings, you know where you need to improve your ranks. Site modifications can be made to improve those ranks.

Web Connections

Quality links to and from other web resources can improve your search engine ranks. Poor links can harm your ranks.

Review Progress

Over time your search engine rank reports can be used to review the progress your SEO work is making.

SEO for Business Websites

Search engine optimization can get the traffic you need to your website.

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